A siblingship test is a DNA test conducted to determine if two children share one or both parents (i.e., if they are half or full siblings). It is an indirect way to determine family relationships when an alleged father is not available for a paternity test. Participation of the mother(s) is encouraged to help exclude the mother’s contribution to the children’s DNA. Siblingship tests require more analysis, and they could be more costly and take a longer time to complete without the mother’s participation.

A siblingship test starts with the analysis of known relatives:

  • Sibling 1 and Sibling 2 do not share the same mother and they want to find out if they share the same biological father—in this situation, a half siblingship test is performed.

  • Sibling 1 and Sibling 2 do share the same biological mother but are unsure if they share the same biological father—in this situation, a full siblingship test is performed.

In the test, the siblings’ DNA profiles are compared to see how much of their DNA could have come from a common father. 

Legally Binding Siblingship Test

PRICES Starting at $440


If you need siblingship DNA test results that can be used as a legal document, then a Legal Siblingship DNA Test must be performed. Listed below are some common legal reasons that this test is used for:

  • Child Support

  • Birth Certificate

  • Court Order

  • Child Custody

  • Tax Forms

  • Adoption

  • Immigration

  • Will/Estate

  • Military Benefits

  • Other Legal Reasons

A legal siblingship test requires that all tested parties have their DNA samples collected at one of our certified facilities. Here's how to get started:

STEP 1: Give us a call at 1-888-571-2220. Or, choose which location from LOCATIONS above and schedule online!

STEP 2: The two parties that are required for testing are the two siblings in question. As stated, if their mother(s) are available, we'd encourage them to participate. We routinely use the painless buccal (cheek) swab to collect samples. 

STEP 3: Once we have collected your samples they will be mailed overnight directly to our laboratory for testing. The turnaround time for your test results is about 5 business days! 

STEP 4: We will contact you immediately by phone with your test results. The original, notarized documents will then be mailed to the address you indicated on your paperwork at the time of your appointment. We can also e-mail your results in addition to mailing them. 

At Home Siblingship Testing

If you do not need a DNA test for a legal matter — but just need a siblingship test strictly for your own knowledge — you have the option of purchasing a Home DNA Test. The tested parties collect their own DNA samples and mail them to our laboratory (we send prepaid overnight return shipping). When you call to place an order or order online, we will send you a DNA kit within one business day and explain the step-by-step completion process. Before ordering a home test, please consider the legal test if you believe the results will ever be used beyond personal knowledge — this way, you won't have to purchase another test in the future.

What makes us different from other at-home tests on the market:

  • We use the exact same laboratory procedures on our home test as we do our legally binding test

  • We Priority Mail the kit to you

  • We include prepaid overnight UPS packaging to return your samples to our lab

NOTE: We can also use cut fingernails, q-tips, etc. for an additional charge. Call us at 888-571-2220 for more details.


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